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10:52:26 AM Desktop setup complete!
10:52:25 AM Creating Desktop Shortcuts
10:52:13 AM Installing .vsix
10:52:12 AM Downloading samples
10:51:48 AM Installing Visual Studio Code (this might take a few minutes)
10:51:47 AM Setting up Desktop Experience
10:51:47 AM Container setup complete!
10:51:47 AM Ready for connections!
10:51:47 AM Initialization took 77 seconds
10:51:47 AM
10:51:47 AM Container Free Physical Memory is 11.7Gb
10:51:47 AM Container Total Physical Memory is 16.0Gb
10:51:47 AM
10:51:47 AM
10:51:47 AM
10:51:47 AM Files:
10:51:47 AM
10:51:47 AM Setting bcserver-default to in container hosts file
10:51:47 AM Setting bcserver-default to in host hosts file
10:51:47 AM Setting bcserver to in host hosts file
10:51:47 AM Dev. Server Tenant : default
10:51:47 AM Dev. ServerInstance : BC
10:51:47 AM Dev. Server :
10:51:47 AM Web Client :
10:51:47 AM Container Dns Name :
10:51:47 AM Container Hostname : bcserver
10:51:47 AM Container IP Address:
10:51:47 AM Creating SUPER user
10:51:47 AM Creating admin as SQL User and add to sysadmin
10:51:47 AM Setting SA Password and enabling SA
10:51:47 AM Creating Host Windows user
10:51:47 AM Creating http download site
10:51:47 AM Tenant is Operational
10:51:47 AM Sync'ing Tenant
10:51:47 AM Mounting Database for default on server localhost\SQLEXPRESS with AllowAppDatabaseWrite = False
10:51:47 AM Mounting Tenant
10:51:47 AM Dismounting Tenant
10:51:47 AM Enabling Financials User Experience
10:51:47 AM Done Configuring Web Client
10:51:47 AM Update configuration: navsettings.json
10:51:47 AM Create website: NavWebApplicationContainer with SSL
10:51:47 AM Create the application pool BC
10:51:47 AM Copy files to WWW root C:\inetpub\wwwroot\BC
10:51:47 AM Using default container name: NavWebApplicationContainer
10:51:47 AM Using application pool name: BC
10:51:47 AM Creating DotNetCore Web Server Instance
10:51:47 AM Registering event sources
10:51:47 AM CertificateThumprint 65A3D8B7D61511C548D711CB81FC5A8722E85E07
10:51:47 AM Starting Service Tier
10:51:47 AM Setting EnableTaskScheduler to true
10:51:47 AM Modifying Service Tier Config File with settings from environment variable
10:51:47 AM Modifying Service Tier Config File with Instance Specific Settings
10:51:47 AM DNS identity
10:51:46 AM Self Signed Certificate Thumbprint 65A3D8B7D61511C548D711CB81FC5A8722E85E07
10:51:46 AM Creating Self Signed Certificate
10:51:46 AM Starting Internet Information Server
10:51:46 AM Starting Local SQL Server
10:51:46 AM Using NavUserPassword Authentication
10:51:46 AM PublicDnsName is
10:51:46 AM Hostname is bcserver
10:51:46 AM Starting Container
10:51:46 AM Setting host.containerhelper.internal to in container hosts file
10:51:46 AM Initializing...
10:51:46 AM Container output
10:51:46 AM Importing C:\ProgramData\bccontainerhelper\Extensions\bcserver\certificate.cer to trusted root
10:51:46 AM Copying .vsix and Certificate to C:\ProgramData\bccontainerhelper\Extensions\bcserver
10:37:30 AM Running container (this might take some time)
10:37:30 AM Locale de-AT
10:37:30 AM Version 21.1.48363.49670
10:37:30 AM Country at
10:37:30 AM Using artifactUrl
10:35:01 AM Installing OpenXML 2.5
10:34:58 AM Installing SQL Native Client
10:34:50 AM Installing Visual C++ Redist
10:34:50 AM
10:34:50 AM Status: Downloaded newer image for
10:34:50 AM Digest: sha256:bae1c0ffce181409e66a263706ad60c2ec15bbf779c8980b0153c2b6ad8675b9
10:34:50 AM 444b6e7a3ced: Pull complete
10:34:50 AM b89ee3d1a273: Pull complete
10:34:48 AM 9ac2cc61e782: Pull complete
10:34:48 AM 909cc1a04722: Pull complete
10:34:47 AM 1e3a6e0c7665: Pull complete
10:34:08 AM 4abd76281f1c: Pull complete
10:34:08 AM fcf24f03a69e: Pull complete
10:32:41 AM 65e34d6effbd: Pull complete
10:32:41 AM 15eed289cb61: Pull complete
10:32:40 AM 2adeeed700e0: Pull complete
10:32:40 AM cb1318d712ab: Pull complete
10:32:39 AM 4a364a2d0d5a: Pull complete
10:30:13 AM 1e619cc2537c: Pull complete
10:30:12 AM d3e1bcee8808: Pull complete
10:25:43 AM b111c3320c94: Pull complete
10:21:37 AM 1e3a6e0c7665: Download complete
10:21:37 AM 1e3a6e0c7665: Verifying Checksum
10:21:35 AM b111c3320c94: Download complete
10:21:35 AM b111c3320c94: Verifying Checksum
10:21:32 AM 444b6e7a3ced: Download complete
10:21:32 AM 444b6e7a3ced: Verifying Checksum
10:21:32 AM b89ee3d1a273: Download complete
10:21:32 AM b89ee3d1a273: Verifying Checksum
10:21:32 AM 9ac2cc61e782: Download complete
10:21:32 AM 9ac2cc61e782: Verifying Checksum
10:21:32 AM 909cc1a04722: Download complete
10:21:32 AM 909cc1a04722: Verifying Checksum
10:21:32 AM fcf24f03a69e: Download complete
10:21:32 AM fcf24f03a69e: Verifying Checksum
10:21:24 AM 4abd76281f1c: Download complete
10:21:24 AM 4abd76281f1c: Verifying Checksum
10:21:24 AM 4a364a2d0d5a: Download complete
10:21:24 AM 4a364a2d0d5a: Verifying Checksum
10:21:24 AM 65e34d6effbd: Download complete
10:21:24 AM 65e34d6effbd: Verifying Checksum
10:21:23 AM 15eed289cb61: Download complete
10:21:23 AM 15eed289cb61: Verifying Checksum
10:21:23 AM 2adeeed700e0: Download complete
10:21:23 AM 2adeeed700e0: Verifying Checksum
10:21:23 AM cb1318d712ab: Download complete
10:21:23 AM cb1318d712ab: Verifying Checksum
10:21:23 AM d3e1bcee8808: Download complete
10:21:23 AM d3e1bcee8808: Verifying Checksum
10:21:16 AM 1e619cc2537c: Download complete
10:21:16 AM 1e619cc2537c: Verifying Checksum
10:21:16 AM 444b6e7a3ced: Waiting
10:21:16 AM b89ee3d1a273: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 9ac2cc61e782: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 909cc1a04722: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 1e3a6e0c7665: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 4abd76281f1c: Waiting
10:21:16 AM fcf24f03a69e: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 65e34d6effbd: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 15eed289cb61: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 2adeeed700e0: Waiting
10:21:16 AM cb1318d712ab: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 4a364a2d0d5a: Waiting
10:21:16 AM 444b6e7a3ced: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM b89ee3d1a273: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM 9ac2cc61e782: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM 909cc1a04722: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM 1e3a6e0c7665: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM 4abd76281f1c: Pulling fs layer
10:21:16 AM fcf24f03a69e: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 65e34d6effbd: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 15eed289cb61: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 2adeeed700e0: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM cb1318d712ab: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 4a364a2d0d5a: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 1e619cc2537c: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM d3e1bcee8808: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM b111c3320c94: Pulling fs layer
10:21:15 AM 10.0.17763.3650: Pulling from businesscentral
10:21:15 AM Pulling (this might take some time)
10:21:12 AM Adding Landing Page to Startup Group
10:21:12 AM Add Import bccontainerhelper to PowerShell profile
10:21:12 AM Disabling Server Manager Open At Logon
10:21:12 AM Show hidden files and file types
10:21:12 AM Enabling Font Download in IE
10:21:12 AM Enabling File Download in IE
10:21:12 AM Starting docker
10:21:07 AM SetupVm, User: vmadmin
10:20:59 AM Launch SetupVm
10:20:59 AM Register RestartContainers Task to start container delayed
10:20:09 AM Installing SqlServer module
10:19:54 AM Installing AzureAD module
10:15:25 AM Installing Az module
10:15:24 AM Using BcContainerHelper version 4.0.6
10:14:57 AM Installing Latest Business Central Container Helper from PowerShell Gallery
10:14:50 AM SetupStart, User: aalfngbc$
10:12:31 AM Restarting computer and start Installation tasks
10:10:32 AM Downloading C:\DEMO\InstallOrUpdateDockerEngine.ps1
10:10:32 AM Downloading C:\DEMO\Install-VS2017Community.ps1
10:10:32 AM Downloading c:\demo\restartContainers.ps1
10:10:31 AM Downloading c:\demo\SetupStart.ps1
10:10:31 AM Downloading c:\demo\SetupVm.ps1
10:10:31 AM Downloading c:\demo\SetupNavContainer.ps1
10:10:31 AM Downloading c:\demo\SetupDesktop.ps1
10:10:31 AM Downloading c:\myfolder\SetupWebClient.ps1
10:10:31 AM Turning off IE Enhanced Security Configuration
10:10:31 AM Creating Connect.rdp
10:10:30 AM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config
10:10:30 AM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Microsoft.png
10:10:30 AM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\line.png
10:10:30 AM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\status.aspx
10:10:30 AM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\default.aspx
10:08:41 AM Installing Internet Information Server (this might take a few minutes)
10:08:27 AM Installing PowerShellGet 2.2.5
10:08:25 AM Installing NuGet Package Provider
10:08:11 AM TemplateLink:
10:08:11 AM Initialize, user: aalfngbc$
10:08:11 AM Running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
10:08:11 AM Starting initialization